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welcome to the INSPIRED studio!

INSPIRED: Studio and Creative Workshops
Oct - Dec 24, 2023
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The STUDIO is OPEN! Come visit on weekends! 

It is filled with handmade items from Gnomes, totebags, greeting cards, ornaments, watercolor paintings and prints, hand-painted gourds and much more!

OPEN: Oct.-Dec 24     Sat/Sun   10am-5 pm

​I was fortunate to be born from an extra-ordinarily artistic, creative, and entrepreneurial family genetics. I was exposed to very "modern" and conceptual art from a very young age. My uncle, a sculptor in NYC, lived in SOHO and was one of those long-haired hippy artists. I was encouraged to draw outside the lines, to be different, and to not settle. One of my most prominent mentors was my high school commercial design teacher, Robert Takatch, from Chagrin Falls, Ohio amazing watercolor painter. I thought he was "God" and was in awe of his gentle watercolors.

Over the years, I have experimented with watercolors, ceramics, collage, textiles, and a variety of artistic materials, each one offering me a different sensation and different "canvas" with which to play.  I have been inspired by many creative spirits and artists and I am honored that they have touched my soul.

I have explored and fine-tuned watercolor painting techniques over the past 30 years, and have exhibited in a variety of galleries and shows primarily in the New England area. In 2007, I was accepted as an artist member into the Rhode Island Watercolor Society. I was also accepted as an artist member to the Attleboro Arts Museum.  It is humbling to be among such amazingly talented artists and have the opportunity to learn and be inspired from each of them.

I love exploring new ways to express my soul's artistic passions. My "canvases" are my decorative gourds, my gardens, fabric, or how I live my life. The varied shapes and textures excite me, and I allow the images to come alive on them. I also enjoy fiber art - sewing, and fabric textures. In the past few years, I created Tapestries or Peace Flags with my mandala designs. For me, there is no end to expressing my creative spirit.


2020 to present, Represented at Made in Warren Gallery

2021-2022 SPROUT Gift Shop, Warren, RI

2021-2022, Chepachet Art Gallery, Chepachet, RI

2020-2021, Chepachet Chicks Artisan Co-Op, Chepachet, RI

2007-present, Rhode Island Watercolor Society, Artist Member 

2012, Vice President, Rhode Island Watercolor Society

2007-present, Attleboro Arts Museum, Artist Member

2013, Art League of Rhode Island, Artist Member

2013-2015, Pawtucket Arts Collaborative, Artist Member

Artwork in process....

from start to finish.......
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