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As much as I love to paint, I also love taking photographs. When I pause to take a photo, it makes me pause and really look at what is in front of me, admire nature's gifts, the subtle colors and shapes. Many of my photos I then transform into watercolor paintings, but sometimes a photo is just a photo capturing a moment in time. It is a way to capture memories of places I have been, or the way the sunlight moves across a space, or the way the sun casts shadows in a unique way. 

5 X 7 Image (matted in 8 X 10) $15.00


8 X 10 Image (matted in 11 X 14) $30.00

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To purchase my photography, please click here and pay through the secure PAYPAL server. (you do not need a PAYPAL account). When checking out, please specify which image/photo you are purchasing.

Thank you for your purchase!

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